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Chia Online Plotting

Chia plots at the best price.

We support plotting for official pools! Add your contract key during the ordering and your plots will work in any pool!
Plotting Pricing
For orders greater than 5000 plots, please contact us for discount.

Is it secure?


We do not need to know your Chia Secret Key.

Using your “Farmer Public Key” and “Pool Public Key (or contract key for portable plots)” we can create plots that will work with your Chia Secret Key once you download newly created plots.

See the Guides for instructions on how to find your Public Keys.

Why order plotting?
You DON'T need to provide your Secret Key! We only use public keys in the plotting process, and it is entirely safe to share your public keys.
You will get ready-made plots within a short period of time and only a few clicks, without need to set up expensive hardware and configure software. You start farming with new plots ASAP.
Our prices are one of the best across the market.

How It Works

Create an order
Choose how many plots you want to receive, enter your public keys and create an order.
You will be able to pay for the order you created. We accept payments in crypto, by credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay.
After confirming your payment, we will start plotting. We will create Chia plots for you on our dedicated plotting hardware.
Plots download
After completing the plotting, we will email you links and instructions on how to download ordered plots.
You can download your plots and start farming Chia Coin!

More details from our end

Preparing your order consist of few parts:
  • order handled, keys and payment verified
  • order added to the plotting queue
  • plotting time (± 7 hours per plot, 25+ TB/day)
  • plots checked that valid
  • plots uploaded to dedicated servers for fast download
  • you get email with instructions how-to download
  • you download and start farming

Approximately delivery time is 16-32 hours for 100 plots, depending on the queue.

*Download time: plot is 101.4GiB, with speed 1 Gbps plot can be downloaded in ±16 mins. You can calculate download time based on your speed: speed calculator.
Our Clients Love Us
It was an amazing and smooth order. Used for 50 plots, downloaded it quickly and now it is farming for me. Planning to make a much bigger order now, first was only the test...Thanks!
All went good, I paid in crypto and farming now.
It was good - 100 plots were ready in 16 hours, but it took me 3 days to download all them with my internet. In any case - recommend.
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Contact us in case you have any questions or want to get special conditions for big orders.
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